PCW Computer/Uptech Beware

If you take your computer to PCW Computer, 1020 Bald Hill road, Warwick, RI  02886 for service or repair, you will sign this disclaimer:

"I give permission to PCW Computer/Uptech computer to service my equipment as required.  I understand that problems during servicing could arise and are not the fault of the technician or PCW Computer but are coincidental, and could have surfaced resulting from a previous problem being corrected.  I agree not to hold PCW Computer/Uptech Computer or it's employees responsible for any data loss, hardware problems, corrupted files, incompatibilities, or other problems that occurred prior to or during the servicing.  PCW Computer/Uptech computer is not required to hold any equipment for more than 30 days, unless other wise noted.  Equipment left beyond the time limit becomes the property of PCW Computer and will be sold to recover service costs.  PCW Computer/Uptech computer will not be responsible for any items left that are not listed above.  Labor is not refundable."

On March 12, 2007 I signed under the above disclaimer and left my PCW made computer for service.  It needed to have the IP connection setting restored.  It was the second time this needed to be established.  When Cox.net became my internet provider service this setting had to be performed by PCW Computer because the Cox technician could not.  It became necessary to  re-establish this connection because it was lost when another computer was connected to the router.

After the IP connection was lost the computer continued to work fine.  Other software continued to work normally.  Everything worked as it always had except it could not connect to the internet.  The computer was originally built by PCW Computer in order to edit video.  The video  editing software continued to work well as did all other applications used during the week between the time the IP connection was lost and the computer was checked in for service at PCW Computer.

 Because the installation disk for Cox.net would not reconnect to the internet I called Cox tech support.  Joselin at Cox tech support worked through the routine of making the connection.  When no IP connection was present she offered to give me the service number of the manufacturer so that they could walk me through the establishment of the IP connection.  Apparently if it were Del or HP or Gateway I could call and be directed to the establishment of the connection.

I called PCW Computer and was told I would have to bring in the computer.  They had Cox.net and would only be able to establish the connection that way.  I told the technician I had brought the computer there before to have that connection established.  He was consistent.  The only way the connection would be established is if I brought the computer to them.

Two days later a technician from PCW Computer called me to say that his diagnostic program showed that there was no video, bad memory and a burnt out mother board.  I responded that I had been able to see the display fine and the computer was working when I left it with them.  He said that he would have a second technician check it out and call back.  Within an hour he called back and said the other technician had confirmed the diagnosis.  They recommended a new machine since the cost of replacing the malfunctioning parts would be over $400.

When I arrived at PCW Computer and identified myself and that I had come to pick up a machine that was not worth fixing, the technician said, "Oh yeah."  He walked to the back and returned with the computer setting it on the counter he said, "All set."  And he walked off to the back again.  No one would talk to me.  Taped to the computer was the work order with my signature under the disclaimer written above and written in green marker "ALL SET".

On the day I had dropped off the computer I had discussed buying a used computer for use by some one who only needed to go on line and that I had a laptop that needed work when the desktop was done.  No one was interested in those possibilities from this customer now.  They just wanted me to leave.

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