November 2, 1998

L�Europa & Martin
Public Insurance Adjusters
240 Chestnut Street
Warwick, RI

Dear Mr. L�Europa and Mr. Martin:

I am very disappointed that you have chosen not to return my telephone calls. Even if I wanted to accept an offer from you, how would I know what the offer is?

When last I spoke with Bill, he said three different things: At one point he said he would accept $6,000. At one point he said he would accept $6,000 plus board up cost. Later when I called at the time he appointed he relayed through the secretary something like $6,900 plus board up cost. Fact is board up cost are separate and above the settlement. Just as they were described to be on the initial day of the fire by Craig.

Please find a separate fax of the opening of the Providence Journal article on Public adjusters. Also please find the first draft of my narrative of all the events and meetings since the fire. It is my hope that I will not have to contact Mr. Mockenhaupt and the Providence Journal.

You will notice in the narrative that you neglected to return my phone calls numerous times. This is a very poor business practice. It is my hope that I will not be sharing the report with the Better Business Bureau.

If you had included me in the process, returning my calls, you would have known of the Deborah A�Vant appraisal that led to the increase in the company�s offer. If you had responded to my request to see how the company reached its figures you too could have seen the Richard Appraisal. The report contains inaccurate computations and grossly understated income projections.

It is my hope that you will soon contact me. The alternative does not gain me much but could be detrimental to your business.


Stan Premy
45 Stanmore Road
Warwick, RI 02889

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